About Me

I grew up taking things apart and trying to put them back together again. Creating and inventing was just something to do in the evening or on a rainy weekend. We had video games, but they were kind of boring, so the physical world was a more interesting playground.

Taking clocks and toasters apart was fun enough, but my real passion for fixing things started when I bought a $50 car shortly after turning 15. I learned how to fix brakes, suspension, and how to replace or rebuild about half the engine. In the end it got safetied and although I never had the license to drive it, my older brother took it over and kept it running for years (in various stated of customization).

Made some commercial comic books in my late teens and did a lot of commercial art projects in my early 20s. Did some construction work too which I sort of liked, but based on conversations with older guys, decided it was probably not the best long-term occupation. During some down time I got into geometry mathematics which let me to computers, building (and repairing) them, then on to CAD and architectural design. In the end I became a software developer because that was the one thing that allowed me to both create and fix things at the same time.

I feel that living with passion for what you do is the most important thing in life. If you find yourself not waking up with passion for at least something you are going to do in the day, something needs to change. Being the right person for a project is not so much about forcing yourself or convincing others that you are the right person, but rather taking the time to find things that you are well suited to do and letting people know you are the right person to do it.